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● inspired by this ask, a simple poc-friendly psd.
● works best on event and photoshoot images.
● comes with an optional black & white layer.
● please like and/or reblog if you download.
● do not repost or claim as your own.

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Guides, How To’s, Tips, & More

This list is pretty long, so using the F3 function would probably be the best way to navigate it.

If you’d like to be added to the list feel free to drop by my ask box, I’d be more than happy to add you. I will try my best to keep the list updated.

Also often times people change their URLs, if you see a link that doesn’t have an account associated with it let me know!

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Here you’ll find 220 textless HQ gifs of actor Dylan O’Brien that could be used in character bio graphics. They are all 245x and the smallest is 245x220. I own none of these gifs, so all credits go to their rightful makers! If you wish for your gif to be removed, please inform me. Enjoy!


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Cher Lloyd Gif Hunt


Under the cut are over 750 small, medium, and some large HQ gifs of singer Cher Lloyd. Most of the gifs are not mine, and I credit the original owners of the gifs. There shouldn’t be any repeats. Please like if you are using, and RPHs are welcome to reblog it.

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» blue-eyed harry styles gif hunt


Below the cut, you will find small gifs of blue-eyed Harry Styles. I don’t own any of the gifs although ninety-seven percent of the gifs were edited by yours truly, these are for roleplaying purposes only. Please like or reblog if it benefitted you in any way.

Harry Styles One Direction 1D blue eyes harry top styles HARRY GIF 1d edits Harry edits harry blue eyes harry styles blue eyes

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30 more yes pls