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Did anyone hear about the guy that was sleeping with cashews. He’s fucking nuts.

Can hot girls stop being

• twice my age
• straight
• 2223848 miles away from me
• famous
• taken
• not interested
• fictional

Getting over someone you love will never be easy. It takes time. A group of young adults living in an apartment block in Seattle have plenty of time. They all have one thing in common, they're attempting to get over their ex. Hey! Can we have a shoutout please? We’re a brand new appless rp based off of the song Not Over You by Gavin DeGraw.


It’s funny bc I’m moving out tomorrow and I haven’t packed a single thing. Send me stuff.

Hello, there! Hope you're having an amazing day. We're a new town roleplay and we'd love to get some apps so we can hopefully open soon. Could we please have a shoutout? Thanks so much!


Hey, we're a BRAND new Role Play Group based in New York City. We're OC and have tasks and events lined up for everyone, we have tons of wanted faceclaims open, including the One Direction lads and the ladies of Little Mix. Any chance we could get a shout out?


Could we get a shoutout, please? We are brand new rp set in New York City’s most intense and strict juvenile school. A school made for the most daring individuals out there, with multiple departments built into this one unit you could be apart of the rich, the famous, or the rising. Come check us out! FC's like Ariana Grande, Luke Hemmings, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and more are still open!. Thank you so much!


im bored okay

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Hello there, if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you might have found something about yourself that most people find unusual. You have probably noticed by now that you can do things that most people around you can’t do, and that’s completely okay. You see, you’ve been exposed to a rather mild strand of SHV-1 which causes ordinary people to develop superhuman abilities. Yes, you read that right, superhuman abilities. Could we get a shoutout, please? We are looking for our heroes!